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Suggested Activities

Mentors and new faculty are encouraged to meet face-to-face frequently during the first couple of semesters and keep in touch often through phone or email. Other activities:
  • Discuss and write down mentees three-five year plans for publications and scholarship
  • Exchange CV's and share stories about career paths -- both anecdotal and brainstorming
  • Attend workshops together offered by the DOF's Faculty Development Workshop Series
  • Journal and share short term and long term career goals and professional interests
  • Explore student and academic support services together
  • Discuss effective instructional techniques and course/curricula development
  • Explore joint research and publication opportunities; or mentors introduce mentees to other academicians for publication opportunities
  • Discuss the university's academic policies, guidelines and governance structure
  • Attend sports events, theater productions and cultural programs
  • Discuss student issues such as advising and ways of motivating
  • Share experiences for managing time, handling stress, and balancing workload
  • Explore professional development opportunities available to new faculty
  • Attend social sessions offered by the Faculty Mentoring Program